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The Lucian Trust Company is an independent affiliate of The Estate Plan. The Estate Plan was founded in1982 by the best selling author Henry W. Abts III. Mr. Abts has written two books; The Living Trust and How to Settle Your Estate. The Living Trust is a world renowned book that is also referred to as the "bible" of estate planning.

Throughout the years the main goal of our parent company Lucian Global was to help our clients preserve their wealth and maximize their returns; however one particular problem kept arising. Once we had done our job to ensure our clients maximized their investments and increased their net worth, in the end our clients were inadvertently giving away a majority of the money that they worked their lifetimes to accumulate. What was this recurring problem you might ask? The answer is the Probate Process. When our clients passed away their estate would be tied up in Probate for years and was depleted by thousands or in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars. We knew that there had to be a better way to pass on one's assets when they died.

We did extensive research by contacting the top attorneys and estate planning organizations throughout the country. Upon our quest for a better alternative to the probate process, we uncovered the Living Trust. Many people think that the Living Trust is a new concept. The Trust can be traced back to Roman law originating around 800 A.D. Eventually English peasants adopted this idea from the Romans, because a Living Trust was the only way that the peasants could keep the kings and noblemen from unlawfully taking their property. The idea still remains today. We want to keep what is rightfuly ours, instead of making Uncle Sam and the probate attorneys from becoming the beneficiaires of our estates.

In our extensive research we also found that not all Living Trusts are created equal. Anyone can go to an office supply store and purchase a Living Trust for under twenty dollars or you can have your attorney draw one up. However you might pay thousands of dollars for something that is not even worth the paper that it is written on.

The Estate Plan's Living Trust contains 210 must have provisions, necessary ancillary documents (such as Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Guardian for minor children, just to name a few). Our Living Trust is Valid In All 50 States so if you move or if you own property in another state your trust will be accepted in every state. Most people don't realize that if you own property in another state you will be probated in those states when you die. That just adds on more cost, more time and unesassary stress for your family.

Our Mission is to educate people on the importance of proper estate planning and to give our clients the piece of mind that their family and their estate will be taken care of for generations to come.

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