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The Lucian Group has the ability to offer our clients a wide range of insurance products with no ties to any one company or product. This kind of independence allows us to search out and find the product that best meets the individual needs of our clients. Term, fixed, variable life insurance and long term care insurance are just a few of the products offered by The Lucian Group.

Term Life Insurance
is the most basic type of life insurance. It provides affordable protection for a specified period of time such as 5,10 or 20 years. Term insurance works especially well for young families who need a lot of protection at an affordable price.

Permanent Life Insurance which includes both whole life and universal life insurance is used when insurance protection is needed for a longer period of time. Fixed and variable are the two most common types of permanent insurance. Both types of permanent life insurance also have the potential for cash value accumulation.

Survivorship Life Insurance is a special policy designed to cover two individuals under one policy. The death benefit is typically paid at the death of the last insured.

Business Life Insurance is used to address a number of needs including key man life and business succession planning.

What type of insurance is right for you? Call us. We can help.