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Our society has undergone many changes throughout the years, especially in the realm of job security. Years ago people could work for thirty years; retire and receive a good pension. Today companies are downsizing, the unemployment rate is up and social security is in trouble. If you envision a comfortable lifestyle with a secure retirement and a path to financial freedom, real estate investing is a great way to achieve those goals. Lucian Development has made Real Estate investing a simple and lucrative process for our investors.

Here Is How It Works:

Through our “Credit Investor Program”, Lucian Development provides individuals who have a FICO score of 680 or above, and an annual household income of $60,000, the opportunity to invest in properties throughout the country. The difference between this investment and others in the real estate sector is that Lucian completely facilitates all aspects of the actual project. The Credit Investor simply receives consistent cash flows and a steadily increasing investment value through capital appreciation.

Property management is a key component in successful real estate investing; this area is where most people fail because they don’t manage their investments properly.

Property management is a long and complicated process:

First you have to locate a property, get financing and find good tenants. If you own property out of state you will need to find a reliable property management company to care for your investment. Property management is the area where profits are either made or lost.

Lucian Development Takes Care of These Risks for You:

We locate a property for you

We rehab your property

We get you financed

We take care of the property management and mortgage payment for the first 12 months that you own your property.

Everyone Benefits from Our Credit Investor Program:

Not only our Credit Investors are benefiting from our program, but communities around the country are benefiting as well. Lucian has the ability to work one on one with cities across the nation. Our company is able to acquire countless droves of properties in need of rehabilitation at considerably low prices.

What This Means to the Credit Investor?

You keep 100% of the Monthly Net Rental Profits

(Net Rental Profit: Client receives profit from rental income after the following are deducted: Mortgage, Property Management fee, Insurance and taxes)

You keep 100% of the Final Resale Net Profit